Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's my angle?

As I begin to work on the website and search for information on problem solving, it is clear that there is a lot out there. Problem solving is one of the key aspects of Quality Improvement or one of the many names it is given (TQM, Lean Enterprise). In addition to the self-educating aspect of the website, it will need to have something unique that other sites or books don't have. At this moment I don't have a clear idea of this but perhaps it will have something to do with injecting creativity into the problem solving process. As suggested by my diversity of thought post, we can sometimes fail to solve problems because we don't come up with creative solutions.

Despite frequent exhortations by managers to "think out of the box", I don't think we normally are able to do this. Hopefully my site will be able to incorporate practical suggestions for ways to develop the ability to "think out of the box".

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