Monday, November 1, 2010

Technical Report Writing

Communication is one of a problem solver's core competencies. NASA has put together a guide for its staff on writing technical reports and it's out there for free on the internet. While it can be of help in documenting your work, it is helpful in other ways.

Chapter 1, Stages of Report Preparation, could also be though of as a high-level overview of stages of problem solving.
  1. Gathering of data,
  2. analyzing to extract information,
  3. outlining to highlight missing information,
  4. writing to build knowledge, and
  5. revision to perfect communication and knowledge transfer
When faced with a problem. Don't just jump in aimlessly, gather your data, analyze it to diagnose the problem better, outline possible solutions. Write (or implement) a solution and finally, revise the solution to perfect it and address any oversights or limitations.

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