Friday, December 12, 2008

E-mail Subjects

In the problem solving process you frequently send e-mail communicating status and results. We all know that our e-mails should contain a subject. However, I suggest you go one step further. Your e-mail subjects should contain a concise description of what the message is about. Even better, include some keywords or even the conclusion or primary finding of the e-mail. Sort of like tagging posts in your blog.

The people you provide results to are often higher level managers. They are probably inundated by Data Smog. Your message needs to stand out and hopefully be easily located by whatever indexing method your addressees use. Not everyone sorts things the same way so try to add keywords that search programs will find. If you are referring to a specific project, start the subject line with that project name. But don't just conclude the message with 'latest results' or 'update'. Do something meaningful to you and your audience.

Don't assume everyone is as intrigued by your project as you. Make sure you communicate effectively.

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